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Make a "graphic" impact with your communication media

Grapac Japan is a developer of new graphic design techniques, and with our team of technical experts in this field, we are acutely aware of the attraction and necessity, yet also the difficulty, of the goal of creating effective static 3D graphic expression. We have taken it upon ourselves to realize this goal.
In spite of recent major progress made in the field of animated 3D images, research into static 3D graphic expression is relatively still in its early stages.
Grapac Japan has been researching into this field for more than ten years, and we are now able to facilitate and offer to everyone a new era of static 3D graphic expression.


  • Packaging
  • POP, Displays
  • Paper products
  • Printing
  • Digital contents
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    Grapac Japan Co., Inc.
    2-7-38 Tsutsumi-dori, Sumida-ku, TOKYO 131-0034 ,JAPAN
    Ph: (+81) 3-3616-1290 Fax: (+81) 3-5630-1186

    Company Overview of Grapac Japan

    Trade name Grapac Japan Co., Inc.
    Headquarters 2-7-38 Tsutsumi-dori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0034
    Sales Branches Tsutsumi-dori (all located in Tokyo)
    Production Plants Kashiwa (Chiba), Mibu (Tochigi)
    Representative Yoshihide Yumoto (President and CEO)
    Capital JPY 256,300,000. (Approximately US$2,330,000.)
    Year founded 1925
    Number of employees 100 (as of April 23rd, 2012)
    Business fields Printing and packaging, various paper products (i.e., POP, displays), design and DTP, digital contents, board games, and static 3-D graphics
    Major customers Canon, Tomy, Bandai, Softbank BB